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One of my favourite combinations  Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrescens  and Galathus Nivalis Snowdrop & feverfew(tanacetum) aurea

Today has been beautiful-a full day of sun .A welcome change from the cold,wintery or milder but overcast weather of the last month.It was 14 degrees in the sun here as I tidied up in the garden .Signs of life in the plants.Ladybirds are coming out today and bees were buzzing around the Lonicera standishii(Winter Honeysuckle )as I worked


Let’s make life easier and  work with Nature ,she will get her own way in the end .

Here is a list of plants I have found particularly like my garden.

Roses ,all varieties ,well you could have a garden made out of just these and it would be attractive ,fragrant and apart from a bit of pruning quite low maintenance .But wont be much to look at in the winter and not very child friendly(or to footballs)

Viburnum tinus shrub (Evergreen white flowers)

Cornus (dogwood)lots of varieties ,deciduous (meaning leaves fall off in winter)lovely coloured stems of red,yellow orange depending on variety.


Acer(maple)wonderful Autumn leaf colour

Betula (silver birch)

Alchemilla mollis (acid green foamy flowers excellent for picking to add to flowers like sweet peas for a beautiful effect)


Brunnera (perennial like forget me not)

Dicentra (Bleeding heart plant)

Hemerocallis(Day lily)flowers last one day  but more keep being produced

Heuchera(fantastic maroon and sometimes marbled leaves)

Iris(most varieties)

Myosotis(forget me not)

This is my first post for  Hortus Viridis detailing the trials and tribulations of gardening on clay soil.My garden is a very small one(50’x20′) belonging to a house on a housing estate situated in south of Gloucester.It doesn’t pretend to be anything else ! It has given me pleasure  & it means different things to other members of my family .My little son likes to play with his toys,paddling pool & sand pit ,my older daughters like to sit out in the sun ,my husband puts a telescope out in it to watch the stars and I like to sit in it in the evening and watch the bats darting down for the insects attracted by the scent of the fragrant plants (ideally with a gin & tonic in my hand )Its about half a mile from the River Severn and near to the Gloucester Sharpness canal.I have lived in the house for over  18 years and have gained some experience of what you can and can’t grow in these conditions It’s south facing so gets sun for a lot of the day.